Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How do we celebrate work?

So, after a lot of discussion, we've set some of our programming for the evening. Phew!

We're going to perform Harriet Tubman by May Miller and Blue Blood by Georgia Douglas Johnson. These short plays were written in the early 1900s, and were a part of a wave of the first Black women to have their plays published. 

SO. How often to we get to celebrate this kind of work, to even watch this work at a theatre? How many times do theatres dredge up yet another production of Hamlet, or The Crucible? Yes, these are great plays (in fact a couple of my favourites) but don't we need to programming to take risks and show us as an audience some variety? At the moment theatre audiences are dominated by the white upper class, and we need to tackle why people from other cross-sections of society are not embracing this art. Perhaps the under represented audience are looking for a play that speaks to them about their experiences, and a local or familiar space in which to sit comfortably in whilst watching a show. There are many different opinions, and we should wrestling over them in order to have an honest debate.

It's one thing to just complain about something (which I hope you don't think I'm doing) and another to actually do something yourself!

I am really looking forward to hearing the plays read at the read through.

Exciting stuff!


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